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Our service offering articulates each transformation around three critical steps. Evaluating where we are, building a path forward, and engaging on the delivery journey.

Where are we? Evaluation


All of our engagements begin with an evaluation of our four key indicators to answer the question: Where are we?

  • Progressive Leadership
  • Technology and Architecture
  • Quality and Process
  • Software Development


The evaluation gives you a clear picture of where you are in your software development transformation.  Strengths and of course opportunities 

Building a path forward: Roadmap


We know where we are, we are clear on where we need to be, and now is the time to chart our path forward. Organizational transformations go hand in hand with projects or initiatives that will exercise our new skills. The transformation roadmap, and the project roadmap are tightly integrated.


Based on our evaluation, we work with you to assemble a complete transformation plan and project roadmap, tackling our four dimensions of Leadership, Architecture, Process and Development. As part of this plan we also work on assembling a team that will be able to carry the transformation through, and access all the right skills in a timely fashion, tapping into our very broad network of experts and resources.

Engaging the Journey: Delivery


We have a great team, We know where we are, We have a plan, and at this point your successful transformation and its companion projects have turned into a “simple matter of execution”. Through delivery we adhere to very simple tried and true principles:

  • “Get to a known state, and stay there” always knowing where you are, what are the next tasks to execute, and in all cases never deviating away from working software.
  • “Bifocal Vision”. We have our roadmap over the next year(s), We have our sprint plans over the next weeks, and we have our daily delivery. We always work in the context of the vision, but never let the vision derail us away from daily execution.
  • “Keep it Simple”. This all sounds complicated, and difficult, and as an aggregate of tasks it is. But at each level and every step, execution is simple, team members are empowered to deliver, so that we can all achieve a great transformation together.
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