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Where are we? Evaluation

Transformations always go hand in hand with a project or initiative that stresses the importance of the new organizational skills required to succeed. It can be a change in the business landscape, regulatory environment or new competitors emerging which force you to react and stretch beyond your current state.


At KALYA Consulting, our goal is to quickly identify the problem, evaluate and find the optimal solution to get your business back on track. In times of crisis, you can count on us to provide the support needed to stabilize your business and make the right decisions. We have a proven track record of helping companies navigate through and overcome significantly troubled financial situations.


Our questions are simple:

Progressive Leadership

  • Do you have the right context for your leadership to accompany the change?
  • Do they have the right support to evolve with the change, step out of resisting the change and embrace it?
  • Do you have all the key skills required to make it happen?


Technology & Architecture

  • Will your investment leverage your existing assets while establishing new patterns?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your current technology choices, and how do they evolve into the future.
  • What do you buy, and what do you build?
  • For what you buy, do you have the right relationships with you critical vendors?
  • For what you build, how will it evolve over time, and what is your long term Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?

Quality & Process

  • How do your employees work together developing software?
  • How do they communicate?
  • How agile are you / want to be?
  • Are your customers happy about their experience with your software products?
  • How do you measure success?


Software Development

  • Do you have the right access to the right resources at the right cost?
  • How often do you deliver production quality software?
  • How timely are your deliveries? 
  • Are your customers happy with the product quality?


It is based on this evaluation that we can build a roadmap for the future of the transformation.

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